What you want to know about the AWS Lambda Serverless service.

Amazon Web Services has a vast, ever-expanding suite of Serverless services. The leading service powering compute for Serverless is AWS Lambda. First announced around six years ago, it’s widely adopted to work numerous workloads for hundreds of thousands of AWS customers for all kinds of workloads.

I remember that in the beginning, when Lambda came out, I was using it primarily for Ops automation — like running clean-up scripts, custom CloudFormation and enabling event-driven Operations. For a long while, especially in the Financial sector where I am active recently, it was deemed too risky for production workloads.

At present, this…

The AWS Serverless services.

What is considered Serverless on AWS?

I work with Amazon Web Services daily, and over the years, I have gotten intimately familiar with the many services the company has to offer. Still, not all of them are part of their Serverless stack. These last years I am very much focused on getting more in-depth on the Serverless topic. I’ll go and break down the various services that AWS labels as part of their Serverless Services.

In future posts, I’ll go in-depth into each of them to create a library of reference materials to fall back on in my daily work when designing and running applications in…

Amazon API Gateway now supports integration with Step Functions StartSyncExecution for HTTP APIs. AWS has some news on Step Functions in combination with API Gateway today. You can now create HTTP APIs that route requests to the new AWS Step Functions Synchronous Express Workflows.

Synchronous Express Workflows are ideal to manage high-volume, short duration, synchronous workflows such as the orchestration of microservices behind Amazon API Gateway. Express Workflows can now be synchronously invoked from Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs.

Integration with other AWS services has been a popular feature in the REST APIs product. Now, with First Class Integrations, AWS has made it easy to set up direct operations with SQS-SendMessage, Kinesis-PutRecord, StepFunction-StartSyncExecution in HTTP APIs.

AWS announced the new feature here https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2020/12/amazon-api-gateway-supports-integration-step-functions-startsyncexecution-http-apis/

re:Invent 2020 session — the serverless LAMP stack. Your chance to learn more about the future of building great PHP applications using the serverless LAMP stack and open-source frameworks.
There are…

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